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"They have seen The procession, O God, the procession of My God, my King, into the sanctuary. The singers went on, the musicians after them, in the midst of the maidens beating tambourines." Psalm 68:24-25

When Esther Approached The King                        

When Esther approached the king and his scepter was extended toward her it didn’t stop there. At that point she prepared a banquet for her lover in the presence of her enemy! Why? Because she could not defeat her enemies by herself. She had to come to her king in dependence. Further, she could not simply reach out in pride and arrogance to take what she wanted from her lover, from her king. She had to come to Him in humility.

We have the ear of the King at this time, but we cannot reach out to take hold of what is ours in Him by our own hand. We must prepare a place for Him; prepare a banquet for the two of us to come together in love and intimacy – even in the midst of our crisis.

Our enemies come as an impetus, as a catalyst that makes us desperate to draw near and receive from the hand of our lover and King! But we cannot receive what He so much wants to give to us by reaching out for it and taking it for ourselves. We must prepare a banquet for our King, a sacrifice of heart, a drawing near to Him in dependence and humility. We must draw near in love, not in manipulation or with a demand.

We can set a banquet for our King in our worship, and by lifting Him up in praise and gratitude. He is worthy of our praise.

We can conduct and maintain a banquet for our King by giving Him of our time. Esther didn’t make just one banquet for the king. We must spend time in His presence for His presence to become real to us. Spending time with Him is also the only way we will be formed into His likeness. He is worthy of our time.

We can complete that banquet of love by making an offering of our simple obedience to Him. Start with obedience in the small things. Show your heart’s devotion by practicing obedience to what He is saying to you right now. Just love Him in simple obedience. He is worthy of our obedience.

What we are talking about here is worshipping Him with everything; everything that we have, everything that we do, and everything that we are. Worshipping Him with our time, talents and obedience makes us into the people that He has always wanted to establish in the earth. Once we have prepared this kind of banquet for the one we love He will be eager to grant us what we need, what we want, in fact everything necessary for life and godliness.

 The Strand of Worship in Everything

Once we have entered into this kind of experience of intimacy with the heart of the Lover of our souls, everything we do and everything we are becomes an expression of worship to the One we love. Many times the simple expressions of our hearts become transformed into breathtaking acts of worship.

One of our main values in the House of Prayer is to express our love and commitment to Jesus by and through every expression of worship that flows through the unique hearts of each team member. We encourage each other to extravagantly return our various talents to God for the expression of our hearts to Him. In offering our many giftings and talents to God in worship we purpose to:

·        Enter into the very presence of God.

·        Minister to the great and loving heart of God through our unique heart expressions.

·        Encourage and inspire each other corporately to enter into worship.

·        Give multi-sensory expression to the worship in our hearts, a scripture, a prayer, or the prophetic.

·        Be well pleasing to the LORD. II Corinthians.5:9

In addition, all worship expressions are tools of intercession and spiritual warfare. It was with singers and trumpets that the Israelites often won their battles: “Let God arise, and His enemies will be scattered”.

Some Areas of Worship Expression


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