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Online resources to  PRAY for the WORLD

With some research from these resources anyone should be able to gain an eye-opening view of the national and international situation for any country in the world. This view is a powerful basis for prayer for any people, nation or people group you have a heart for. 


population of countries from 1950-2050

world population 1970 to now

city populations

more population links

Check world population here

Operation World & other world factbooks

Operation World at 24-7 prayer

Operation World links

CIA world factbook online

Futher links...

Daily World Prayer Guide

World Prayer Networks

Interactive Prayer Site for World Prayer - 10/40 window and targeted Intercessory Prayer

Now that you've begun

Now that you've started to pray for the world, you will probably need to continue to grow and sharpen your ability to carry the heart of God in prayer. We've collected some of the best books on the deeper spiritual life and effective prayer -- all available free. We invite you to download and read from this great compilation of timeless spiritual wisdom. 

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