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We are Through The Veil Ministries     

dedicated to the establishment of the House of Prayer

We have been opened and radically changed by a revelation of the overwhelming and passionate love of God. Our hearts have responded to this revolution of love in worship, intercession, the prophetic word, and revelation from the written word expressed through music, dance, painting, writing, prayer, and many other expressions. We have begun to live out a vision of the House of Prayer where we actively encourage ourselves and each other in our unique heart expressions toward God, each other and the world. During this outpouring of the love of God in us, God has been pouring out His Spirit in power in a way we have not known before.

Through this radical opening of our hearts we have caught a startling vision for the establishment of the Kingdom of God in the earth. We have a vision for unity in the body of Christ in cities and towns around the globe. We have a vision that God would be worshipped day and night. We have a vision that the kingdom of God would be established in our city, in our lives, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have a vision that each individual be released to worship in the fullness of their unique expressive gifting. We have a vision for the establishment of 24 hour centers for prayer and worship that would be inclusive of all of God's people, and wholehearted communities of creativity in worship, intercession and revelation that spring from these centers.

To make this vision a reality, many of us in the Through The Veil community have partnered with House of Prayer works in various communities throughout the Northwest. Lori Pelton along with David and Maryann Borba have pioneered the Upper Room in Santa Rosa, CA.  Scott and Dionne Husted have partnered with New Life Church and The War Room in Kelowna, BC, and are currently serving as missionaries in Seoul, Korea with the Association of Christian Schools International. Julie Sedgwick is serving in Redding, CA bringing the heart for the House of Prayer there. Many are partnering with Vertical Call ministries to found The Father's House, a full-time House of Prayer in Santa Rosa. We are Through The Veil Ministries, a registered non-profit organization in the US, dedicated to calling, equipping and raising up Houses of Prayer throughout the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

Through The Veil Around The World

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Our Vision

  • To establish continuous intercession for the awakening of the Bride, the uniting of Judah and Israel, and the resulting global revival and harvest, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • To release worship and intercession in all expressions within the church, especially in the area of the arts.

  • To equip, train, and mentor worshippers and intercessors in these methods and to these ends.

  • To mobilize teams of worshippers and intercessors into geographical locations to pray for these ends.

  • To create and distribute resource material which will aid in the equipping of the Body of Christ.

  • To network with other prayer movements to share resource and vision.

  • To establish worship, prophetic intercession, and praying the word as a three-strand foundation for intercession.

  • To plant houses of prayer and worship along the West coast of North America and around the world.

What We're Doing to See it Accomplished

A Challenge to Do IT!!!

There are many ways YOU can get involved in the Founding of the House of Prayer in the earth.

What Do We Believe?

We want to ...
  • Worship God and stand on the ancient truth of the Scripture, the guide for faith, life, and service.

  • Grow as a people of both the Word and Spirit, imbued with power for the purpose of making and nurturing mature disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • Serve the Father in the power of the Spirit, following Jesusí holistic and incarnational ministry of proclaiming and manifesting the kingdom of God.

For more information, check out our House of Prayer School!

check out our World Prayer Resources and Free E-Books!

YHWH, we worship you and we come in -- into your arms, into Your Great Heart -- draw us gently...

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