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Training With Through The Veil 



Through The Veil House of Prayer Training School offers a series of training modules in the foundations of the House of Prayer, and leadership in the House of Prayer. These courses are offered as clusters of weekly seminar classes offered over a ten-month period at our center, or as individual modules offered in weekend intensive seminars in your locale. These training modules are designed to prepare individuals to establish and operate an initial House of Prayer plant in your city, to support the training needs of an existing House of Prayer, or to equip the individual who feels a calling to the House of Prayer, and would like to begin with some in-depth training. This school is very "hands on", combining classroom training with active participation in a corporate prayer team as well as personal discipleship and outreach opportunities. 

If you believe that God may be calling you to start or further your House of Prayer training, please write us at Through The Veil for more information on upcoming schools, or bringing the school to your area

More about the School

In Through The Veil House of Prayer Training School class sizes are kept unusually small, at 12 or so students except at weekend intensive seminars, to facilitate a mentorship environment with a relational basis. To make it flexible we have structured it as a series of multiple modules with choices of groups. Each student must show the maturity to be somewhat self-directed under the guidance of a group mentor for each module, able to complete a handful of simple requirements including a project. To keep it personalized, flexible and engaging, there are choices of readings and a great range of choices for projects which all follow a simple guideline.

The initial phase of Through The Veil Training School is a one-year program, may be completed over a longer period, or may be pursued in the weekend intensive format. The student who wished to complete the school in a year will take three concurrent modules every three months: the introductory module, and then a choice among modules that may be available at any given time. This makes the requirements of the basic course nine modules in all.

Mentorship Groups

Each regular module is conducted in the atmosphere of a mentorship group with connection to fellow students and the mentor/instructor. This setting encourages a rich atmosphere of exploration, synthesis and creativity with much discussion and dialogue as we interact amongst the group and with curriculum materials. Classes will include reading and discussion, interaction around core materials, and the development of group and individual projects. Connecting these experiences with hands-on involvement in the House of Prayer, or House of Prayer style sessions, makes this a unique and dynamic learning opportunity.

Spiritual Life and Discipline

Through The Veil House of Prayer Training School seeks to be a Spiritual Community: a community of believers who desire to live out the two greatest commandments, Love above all toward the great heart of Jesus, and Love toward our brothers (Matt. 22:37-39). As such there are some minimum expectations for students to live a life of diligence and holiness. Students have the opportunity to be integrated into a House of Prayer style worship and prophetic intercessory team. This privilege calls us to the necessity of a clean walk before God in order not to open ourselves up to severe levels of spiritual warfare.

If you can't come to us...

Throughout the year, members of our team are available to lead demonstration sessions in the House of Prayer model, teach courses on prayer, worship, the practice of the House of Prayer, and other related subjects. After offering an initial House of Prayer modeling experience and some teaching in your area, the Through The Veil team will be better able to advise on the initiation of training modules for your group. We are currently available throughout the Pacific Northwest, as well as in other areas as The Lord directs. A team could come with the vision and practice of the House of Prayer to your city! Please direct your inquiries concerning House of Prayer equipping teams to Through The Veil.

Through The Veil House of Prayer Training School was developed by Scott Husted, and is taught by Scott along with teams of worshippers, prophetic intercessors and teachers who carry the passion of the House of Prayer. Scott is President of Through The Veil Ministries, a registered non-profit in the US, dedicated to calling, equipping and raising up Houses of Prayer throughout the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Scott has completed a Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum Development, Teaching and Learning Theory. He has two Bachelor level degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts Education. Scott is the author of the books, “Beyond The Education Machine”, and “The Establishment: the fallen tent of David and God’s end-time House of Prayer”.


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