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Through The Veil In Korea     

When our stint as prayer missionaries with The War Room in Kelowna, Canada, had come to an end, we came back down into the States looking for work and thinking that we would "settle down" and be "normal" for awhile. Scott applied for hundreds of positions with schools, colleges and nonprofit organizations throughout the Northwest. In the process he posted his Curriculum Vitae and Resume on the Association of Christian Schools International web site to see if anything came of it. We began to get responses from several schools in different places in the world.


One day, while applying for a job at a Temp Agency, we received a phone call from a gentleman offering us positions in a small private Christian school in Seoul, Korea. He was offering Scott an Administration/ Teaching position and Dionne an Elementary Teacher position. We prayed about it and received much encouragement and confirmation. It's amazing how Korea fits with our heart for God's purposes throughout the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Rim.

So here we are, in Seoul, South Korea! It is amazing how God has brought all of this together for us. We left San Francisco on August 15th with the commission from our Father to "Go into all the world..." We are so very excited to be able to do just that very thing, and get paid to do it too.




At this time our focus is our work in education, but we continue to ask God what He has for Korea in relation to the work of Through The Veil and the vision of the House of Prayer. The Korean Christians are a praying culture with many of them arising very early each day to join together in morning prayers and worship before beginning their work days. We feel God has told us that our main jobs at this time are to love and serve the children, laying our lives down and praying for His Kingdom to come here in fullness -- enabling the Korean people to come into the fullness of their end-time destiny. 




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