The Ring of Fire


an excerpt from the book: "The Establishment: the fallen tent of David and God's end-time House of Prayer" by J. Scott Husted

I was lying on the couch in tremendous pain. This kidney stone was searing – I was sweating all over and my head was numb. My renal system was temporarily shut down as kidney and urethra were being ripped through with the most full-volume, all-out, full-body-emergency spasms of constant pain. I’d been to the hospital already, and there was not much that they could do short of knocking me unconscious with Demerol again.

My wife Dionne called from the computer: “There’s a preacher in Oregon. This email says that a preacher named Todd Bentley is having a series of meetings up in a town called Albany, Oregon, and people are getting healed!” I could hear her through a fog of pain and Tylenol with codeine. What does she expect me to do, I wondered, pack up in the car and drive who-knows-how-far from Santa Rosa in Northern California into who-knows-where, hundreds of miles away in Oregon? In this kind of pain?

“There’s a preacher...?” I ventured, grasping at words that eluded me through the haze as she came into the living room.

“We’re supposed to go.” She sounded quietly resolute.

“To Oregon?” The fog cleared a little as the shock of her statement pushed through. “With a kidney stone? I’m supposed to drive to Oregon?”

“I’ll drive, if you need me to. We need God to come through for us – you just can’t keep lying on the couch in this kind of pain. People are getting healed, and we need a miracle.” The insane suggestion had me fully aware now.

“Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to ride in the car for hours in this kind of pain while we look for a town hundreds of miles away to go sit in church meetings and listen to a preacher we have never even heard of?"

“We need to hurry, we should leave tonight” was her only reply as she slipped down the hall to pack our bags.

By evening my pain had subsided somewhat and a growing conviction told me that Dionne was right, even though I could find no reason to embark on this strange trip. We loaded up, tucked our nine-year-old son Jonah into the back seat and set off for Oregon. I settled into the passenger seat, found the city of Albany on the map of Oregon in the car atlas and felt the kidney pain fading, strangely, for the first time in days. I felt good enough to drive by the time we stopped for gas outside Redding, four hours north.           

It was deep night as we headed into the mountains further north around the Shasta Lakes area, with a full moon illuminating the hills and valleys as we sped through. Mists wound around the steep mountainsides as we climbed up and up the ribbon of highway. I woke Jonah up so that he wouldn’t miss the spectacular moonlit views. We all looked down from our lofty position and realized that we were above the clouds, with fingers of the lake shimmering in the moonlight below them.   

We were at once overcome and energized by the overpowering beauty of the mountains. As we all bubbled over in exuberant awe I began to tell Jonah about these mountains – that they are part of a chain of volcanic mountains that runs through the Northwest. We mounted up through pass after pass. As I told about Mt. Shasta and the other old volcanoes along the chain, the Spirit of the LORD began to come on me and I began to prophesy spontaneously. "God has set a sign in the earth that runs through the Northwest: a volcanic chain of mountains that are connected by an underground river of fire." The mountain peaks crowded and fell away around us as we sped through.

I went on: “God has written into the land, in its very creation, the prophetic end-time destiny of this whole region. The volcanic mountains running through the Northwest are physical signs, marking the places where God wants to establish the Mount of the Fire of the LORD in Houses of Prayer from California to Canada. He is establishing this spiritual volcanic chain throughout the Northwest connected by an underground river of fire; and all at once, at His command they are going to blow! When they pour forth it will be an outpouring of the fire of The LORD, it will fill this region, sweep across the continent, and flow from there around the world.”

As I was speaking this to my family I began to call out the names of the mountains that stand as part of the volcanic chain in the Northwest. “Lassen...”, I called out, “Mount Saint Helens... Mount Hood... Mount Rainier... “ We sped over mountain crests and down through high mountain valleys. One of these names that I called out was "Kelowna". I looked at Dionne and said, "What’s a Kelowna?"

"It must be a mountain in Canada, or something." She replied.

As I continued calling out the names of mountains we came around a long descending sweep of highway which brought us down out of the mountain ranges beyond Shasta Lake. Suddenly the massive presence of snow-clad Mount Shasta loomed before us, standing glimmering in the moonlight.

“Shasta!” I called out, stretching my hand out toward this most breathtaking of markers along God’s volcanic chain.

We rolled into Albany at eight in the morning. We had driven nine hours through the night. We stopped to have breakfast and went on to find the church. There at a large old storefront that housed the Vineyard, people were gathering for a morning meeting. By noon we had worshipped, shared some teaching, had prayer for the city and brought worship out onto the front steps of the old courthouse in downtown Albany. The evening meetings were packed with eager hearts from all over the West Coast. I got powerful healing prayer for my kidney stones, but even more God was planting in me the fire of the destiny of the volcanic chain and a new direction in my life.

It was during that week at the Vineyard in Albany that we first heard about Kelowna in Todd's meetings. He spoke about the ministries centered in Kelowna, specifically about Patricia King's influence in his life. “It’s a city!” I shouted to Dionne over the loud ministry. I immediately ran out and bought a map of Oregon, Washington and southern British Columbia.

The LORD continued to encourage me to research the volcanic mountains throughout the Northwest. I gathered more maps and books, plotting out everything. On these maps I marked the volcanic mountains, making it simple to see the nearby towns and cities where the Houses of Prayer are to be established. During this research time God spoke to me that the volcanic chain is going to be a big move, bigger than I had previously thought. He then uncovered the biggest part of the message -- that the volcanic chain in the Northwest is only a small part of a much larger volcanic chain that encircles the globe -- the Ring of Fire.

As I researched further I discovered that the Ring of Fire is a volcanic chain that stretches around the whole Pacific Rim, touching a huge number of nations. I began to see that God intends for the move of God along the volcanic chain in the Northwest to cover the North American continent and then move around the Ring of Fire -- affecting all the nations that it touches. God has set the Ring of Fire as a physical demarcation for a ring of passion-filled Houses of Prayer He wants to set in the earth as an engagement ring for His bride. A ring of passion, power, signs and wonders in the fire of the LORD; the very Mount of the LORD established in the earth.

After a considerable amount of research God has shown much about what He intends to do in this work, as well as spotlighting many of the volcanic regions where He wants Houses of Prayer planted all over the Ring of Fire. Kelowna, British Columbia is one of those regions, one to which my family and I have moved in order to follow His direction to help in the establishment of the House of Prayer in the earth.

The area around Santa Rosa in Northern California and the area around Kelowna in Canada share a unique ancient heritage, and a connection along the Ring of Fire. It turns out that the Central Okanagan area around Kelowna is one of the largest volcanic fields in the world. The whole area is a volcanic field that can be seen in many volcanic mountains and cliffs; the cliffs being evidence of volcanic activity so widespread that at one time lava pushed up through the very cracks in the ground. We moved from Santa Rosa, California, situated on the edge of the Clearlake basin -- also one of the largest volcanic fields in the world. These two regions share a unique end-time destiny, along with other important points along this Nortwestern chain of fire.


A Surprising Confirmation

Early in the morning on June 6, 2003 a friend of mine, Shelley Petracek, had a singular experience that she can only take to have been an open vision. In this vision she saw a map of the west coast of North America with a Star of David superimposed upon it. The voice of the LORD spoke to her and said: "I am about to restore the Tabernacle of David in this region." Shelley continues:

“I believe that the LORD will touch this entire region, but the points of the star are very significant. As the Tabernacle of David is restored, so will come the harvest of all harvests!”

In December of 2003 Shelley and her husband Don invited my family for dinner. Over dinner Shelley and Don, and Dionne and I were relaxing and sharing what the LORD had been saying to each of us. Shelley began to share her vision of the Star of David. I was dumbfounded. I eagerly began to share the word of the Volcanic Chain that God had given me years before. The four of us exploded in astonishment and excitement. We pulled out globes and maps as we connected the two visions. After we mapped it all out we began to pray together over all of it, in fervent recognition that God is up to something big! As we prayed we heard the LORD say that the Ring of Fire is His engagement ring to the Bride, set in the earth as a ring of passionate houses of prayer. He continued that the Star of David is the diamond set in the engagement ring, the centerpiece of fire – a covenant token for His beloved reaching all around the Pacific Rim.


Further Confirmation of God’s Engagement Announcement

Shelley and I were prompted to release these words together On February 13, 2004, as a valentine announcement to the Bride of Christ. The morning we sent out our combined word and vision it reached the desk of Deborah Ritz, an overseer of the prophetic department of New Life Church in Kelowna. At the very moment that Deborah received our submission she was busily transcribing the dreams of two young girls, and praying over what they might mean. Deborah was astounded over how all of these words and dreams seemed to confirm one another. The dreams of the girls were both of volcanic activity.

Deborah writes: “As a further confirmation of God’s engagement announcement, two Kelowna area children have had dreams of volcanic/lava activity affecting the city of Kelowna. On January 7th, 2004, Kaitlyn Barrington, 4 years of age, had the following dream: ‘We were at the church where my music lessons are and the teacher was teaching about cars. There was a basket beside us - we thought there was pop in it but it was hot lava.

Then we were at a park with just swings.  We weren't playing; mom was just feeding the baby.

Then we were back at the church and it was full of hot lava.  We were in it and swimming in it.  Then we were dead.  Then we were alive again - we were still at the church.  When we got out of the church the land was full of hot lava and it was moving and everything was moving.’

On the night of Thursday, February 12th, 2004, Megan Ritz, 11 years of age had the following dream: ‘Last night I had a dream that the mountain closest to the airport and the Okanagan Lake was a volcano, and that it was erupting. There was smoke everywhere and the volcano was spitting up fire. It was starting to erupt. God told me that what this means is that there is something major that is about to happen, and that it is going to effect the whole city. Also, above the volcano, there was a cloud that was in the form of an angel. The angel was looking out over the city.’

The volcano in Megan’s dream was Knox Mountain at the northern end of the City of Kelowna, British Columbia. Research shows that Knox Mountain is actually an old, ancient volcano existing in remnant formation.  The flow from this type of volcano is very liquid and flows for miles over surrounding land.  Other research indicates a point in the natural development of the Central Okanagan region when ‘ancient rivers began to flow and erode the valley, and large volcanoes, very explosive ones, filled up the valley forming Knox Mountain and Mount Boucherie’. 

As we know even the rocks and trees can cry out and God makes his intentions known through many means.  Following is an excerpt from an editorial written on February 14, 2001, (3 years ago today), in ‘The Capital News, the Central Okanogan’s Best Read Newspaper’, entitled ‘City should dig deep for mountain top’.  The editorial discussed a city council direction for the establishment of Knox Mountain as a Regional Park.  The article reads, ‘The local fundraising effort is called River Deep, Mountain High and it serves as an allegory for two well-known Kelowna features.  River Deep would refer to Mission Creek, the single largest source of water flowing into Okanagan Lake.  Mountain High would refer to Knox Mountain, the ancient volcano that dominates Kelowna’s northern skyline.’  

The ‘city’ churches, the church of the Northwest region and the bride should dig deep for the mountain top – deep into the ancient river of God that flows from his throne and touches the heart of His bride and of the nations”.


River Deep, Mountain High

Deborah’s point is that there is a call going forth throughout the Northwest and throughout the world for the establishment of the Mountain of the LORD in Houses of Prayer that will be conduits for the fire of the LORD to flow across the land. There is so much more to this word, many more layers and many more implications for God's end-time plan. The central point upon which my word, Shelley Petracek’s vision, and the little girls’ dreams all agree is that the establishment of the House of Prayer – the Mount of the fire of the LORD -- along the West Coast of North America is absolutely key to God’s end-time purposes in North America and in the world. These Houses of Prayer act as touch points to heaven, as doorways to accessing the substance of heaven so that we as citizens of heaven can bring it down into the earth. 

The lover says to his beloved in Song of Songs 8:5-7:  “...Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave.  It burns like a blazing fire, like a mighty flame.  Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away.  If one were to give all the wealth of his house for love, it would be utterly scorned.” The powerful, passionate experience of intimacy with our divine beloved is the flame of fire we are talking about, and it is absolutely essential to God’s end-time plan for His people and for the earth.

Zechariah 2:5, further, tells us of the time we are stepping into: “And I myself will be a wall of fire around [my house]’ declares the LORD, ‘and I will be its glory within”. God intends to build communities of His people in the earth that will be radical in their commitment to Him, and to each other. This kind of unity will make the Body of Christ into a beacon in the gathering darkness of the kingdoms of this world, like never before seen in the earth. It is volcanic chains of Houses of Prayer throughout regions all over the earth that will usher in this kind of passionate experience of intimacy and unity with the heart of God, and with one another. For those who have ears to hear, let him hear!  


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