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Revelation From the Word and the Spirit

As the incense of our worship and intercession goes up before His presence, He releases the lightning from His throne: He answers with power. Once we have entered into the heart of God in worship and intercession God responds. It is an overwhelming aspect of His great heart: He responds to us. God is the God Who Is, and who desires to be known. This is the priestly service of revelation from God's word, and from His Spirit.

This place of divine revelation is deeper than the mind of man. It is deeper and more powerful than our own thoughts or expressions. Most of the people of God have experienced this at one time or another, the times this kind of deep biblical revelation fairly leaps out from the pages of the word, especially when we’ve been in a place of worship or profound prayer. This kind of “rhema” revelation is what we’re talking about here, whether it comes to us through the reading of the Bible, through a direct answer in prayer, through prophetic ministry, or through visions and dreams. Take hold of the rhema of God when it comes to you. Any time God speaks to us, the power is released from out of His throne to see His word accomplished.  This rhema revelation from the heart of God is the light of the priestly work in the Holy Place, a light as though from the seven-branched lampstand in the presence of God. 

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