Pray for North Korea!!!


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Pray for North Korea

Following World War II, Korea was split into a northern, communist half and a southern, Western-oriented half. Kim Il Jung has ruled North Korea since his father and the country's founder, president Kim Il Sung, died in 1994. The government rules the North Korean people based on an ideology called juche. Literally juche means `depending on ones own strength'. This means that the country has closed itself almost completely from the outside world with the exemption of the communist countries and a few 'unbound' countries. Juche can also be described as the totalitarian ideology of a collective war-economy. It has its national roots but follows a philosophical principle that man is the master of everything and man decides everything. The ideology encompasses the whole life of the people and a very important part of this belief is a complete and unquestioning following of the cult leadership of Kim Il Sung and Kim Il Jung.

Economically North Korea recently has had many disastrous years. This was caused by natural circumstances but also by the self-containment. North Korea has relied on outside food aid since the collapse of its planned economy triggered a famine in the mid-1990s that killed as many as 2 million. While North Korea will be 1.1 million tons short of enough to feed its 25 million people, North Korea has hindered aid efforts and preventing U.N. officials from checking on food distribution as many areas of the country remain off limits. Instead of feeding the people of North Korea, the government spends money on maintaining an army of about 1 million soldiers. North Korea is breaking international agreements and secretly developing long-range nuclear missile and chemical weapons with the intention of using them at Kim Il Jung's discretion.

Not only is there extreme poverty and the threat of nuclear war from a totalitarian government, but also within North Korea there are no human rights and people are treated cruelly like animals. The North Korea government view their people like labours, peasants and the poor not as human beings but the expendables that exist to be killed and offered up as sacrifice for Kim Jung Il, his loyal followers and the high-ranking Labourites.

Please pray:

- That God would liberate the North Koreans from their oppressive government

- That God would cause the government of Kim II Jung to cease to exist and be replaced with a government that would not persecute and starve its people but that would value its people

- That God would disassemble the nuclear program so that it would not be able to continue forth in development.

- That God would take away the hate in the hearts of the people and replace it with love

- That God would protect the people of North Korea from war from other nations as well as civil war

- That God would save, restore and heal the lives, souls, hearts, and minds of North Koreans

- That God would receive glory in answering these prayers

The works of God begin and end in prayer. Nearly all revival movements in our history were characterized by a commitment to group prayer. So when you are done reading this email, please pass it on to other people and may you be blessed as you pray to God to end this injustice in the lives of 25 million North Koreans.


Cara Edey

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