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God's Heart for Mercy and Justice

As Godís heart flows forth through worship, intercession and revelation, the heart of God for Mercy and Justice for the nations begins to rise up within the House of Prayer. The House of Prayer develops a functional aspect of a base for missions ministry  with the cultivation of circles of local and international mercy ministries. Mercy ministries that have sprung up and are currently functioning around Houses of Prayer embody a heart for Children at Risk, for widows and orphans, for brotherhood with and the salvation of Israel, for the hungry and destitute and for those suffering from wars and disasters around the world. In cultivating God's heart the House of Prayer serves as a nucleus, as a support structure, and as a home base for many mercy ministries to spring up that reach out with the Love of Christ to people around the world. 

Worship, intercession and revelation within the House of Prayer are strategic arrows of fire in the hands and mouths of the priesthood, just waiting to be let fly to transform our cities and our world. When intercession, revelation and worship are intricately woven together they create a powerful force that can push back darkness and provide a space of spiritual safety. Intercession can break us through into higher and deeper places with God, while revelation shows us where and how to move, and worship moves us into those new areas through the power of the exaltation of the throne of God.

Intercession has the power to cause a breaking through into the heavenly realm, creating a clear space so that worship can do its job of enthroning Jesus, opening the door to the revelation of God's heart --  bringing us face to face with Godís Kingdom come and His will being done in the earth. Only when intercession paves the way, only then can God's heart for mercy and justice flow forth into the streets of our cities.

This is much more than a mere "social gospel", this is God's plan that we would participate in the burden from the very heart of God, executing His acts of mercy and justice in the earth. In this way we can make a difference for the lost, for the oppressed, for the children! We invite you now to explore some pages devoted to children at risk and what we can do to help.


Learning to Love

Children at Risk

What Can we Do???

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