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The House of Prayer and Kingdom Enterprise

Through the Veil is pursuing an exciting partnership opportunity for those operating a Christian business or desiring to launch a Kingdom business initiative.

God is giving us a new concept of doing business in the world today. We see the House of Prayer as a hub connected to, and supporting local churches and outreach ministries, surrounded by Kingdom enterprises. The House of Prayer pours out into these local churches, outreach ministries and Kingdom businesses with prayer, equipping, and experienced practical ministry teams, while the local ministries and Kingdom enterprises profit and overflow into the marketplace and back into the House of Prayer with renewed hearts, willing hands and abundant resources.

With this new concept in view, Through The Veil has partnered with a group called Tentmakers. Tentmakers is a small business support network that is dedicated to furthering the kingdom of God in the earth. Within that overarching goal they help to develop small business enterprises that will use profits to strengthen Christian families and communities, reach out with the love of God into the marketplace, and promote the work of the Kingdom in the House of Prayer.

The Concept of Kingdom Business

The concept of business and finance that we see developing, in both the formation and transaction of business in our world today, is described as Kingdom Business. The term Kingdom Business is not a description of a business that is merely owned or run by Christians. This is only a minute part of the overall concept. What we are describing is a reality where every aspect of the operation of a business is seen as an extension of the Kingdom of God into the community.

What makes a kingdom business is the position from which it is approached, transacted or executed, the Kingdom community needs the business fulfills, and what uses profits are put to. That position is shaped by a level of understanding and insight into God's plan to further His purposes in the local community, and infiltrate the marketplace with His kingdom power and values.

We see business as part of the life of the Kingdom, and as part of the global plan of God. Kingdom businesses can become strategic tools through which God will fulfill His promises: of prosperity for His people, for the rebuilding of the ancient foundations of the House of Prayer in the earth, and of transferring the wealth of the nations to the purposes of the Kingdom of God. Kingdom businesses can also be strategic and tactical implements for marketplace ministry -- confronting the heart of selfishness within the world of finance and commerce, and making the kingdoms of this world into the kingdoms of our God.

TTV & Tentmakers: A New Intercessory Thrust

Through The Veil is partnering with Tentmakers in developing a new intercessory thrust targeted at building and cultivating success in Kingdom Business ventures. 

Through The Veil and Tentmakers are aware of the need that Christian businesses have for quality prayer and intercessory support.

Throughout North America and Europe, spiritually progressive businesses have full-time paid staff whose  job is to pray. Management in these companies believe that there are direct and tangible benefits accruing to business through paid intercessors i.e.: increased sales, fewer business problems to process, etc.

Intercessors in the House of Prayer have dedicated their lives to coming before the throne of God in worship, moving in intercession and prophetic listening, and are skilled in the ways of the Holy Spirit. They have a solid understanding of the value and effectiveness of prevailing prayer. At a practical level, they too must support their families. In God's order there has never been a disconnect between the performance of our priestly duties, benefit to the community and feeding our families. If you wish, you may make a donation right now to House of Prayer Missionaries through Through The Veil through our online donation option. TTV is a registered 501(c)(3) charity.

As a part of our service to you, we recognize that you may desire highly focused prayer and intercessory assistance. This can occur with your business on a “sub-contract” basis in lieu of committing to full-time prayer staff. Tentmakers, in partnership with TTV, is pleased to offer the following service to those operating a Christian business or desiring to launch a Christian business initiative.

Intercessory Support For Kingdom Business

Service Description: House of Prayer intercessory staff will provide a time allocation per month to focus on the prayer needs of your business and documenting their prayer sessions.

Communication: A special email address is maintained for this service. Once you sign up, this email address will be provided to you along with a simple sign-up form. This form asks for your name, email and optional additional information. We understand the need for discretion and building trust and relationship. As such, we have made as much information optional as possible. In all cases, your prayer requests will be treated with the utmost in confidence. We will maintain a journal in a Word document of our prayer times and any sense from the Lord of what He is saying regarding your business. This will be emailed to you within 10 business days of the end of each and every month.

Write Us: If the concept of intercessory support for your business interests you, send us an email requesting more details. We at Tentmakers and Through The Veil are excited about this new opportunity to cultivate Kingdom Business success while helping to support intercessors in the House of Prayer. For more information on the concept of Kingdom Business and how to develop business as a force for the Kingdom of God, go to the following article:   

     Principals of Kingdom Business


We lift up Your Name -- Great King Above all other lovers. We worship You...

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