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A Wealth of Spiritual Blessing

Within God's covenant of love, the Bible, there is a wealth of spiritual blessing that lies untapped by most of the church. This well of blessing and meaning lies in the ancient Hebrew heritage that is ours to share by virtue of our adoption into godís family, as we read in Romans 11:17&18. This ancient heritage is found in the Jewish roots of Christianity. Some of our ancient Jewish heritage is contained in God's calendar with days of rest, days of blessing and days of repentance and return. Some of this untapped blessing lay in the use of prophetic implements that give focus to our faith and intercession. Many of the items used by our Hebrew brothers and sisters, such as the shofar, mezuzah, tallit, tzitzit, and many other items are tools of prayer, blessing, worship and weapons of spiritual warfare that should be in every church, synagogue and home. 

The Bible is a book about God's marriage covenant with His people. The teachings of Jesus the Jewish Messiah are all about observing the heart of this covenant of love. When asked what was required to receive eternal life Jesus said, "Keep the covenant" (Matt. 19:16-17). He also taught that we must keep even "the least of the terms of the covenant" (Matt. 5:19). Jesus further taught us that the only way to live is by "every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God" (Matt. 4:4; Luke 4:4). Of course, Jesus taught us that keeping the commanded terms of this covenant of love is about cultivating a heart of love toward God first, and then also our neighbor; and not just about living by a set of rules.


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